The 13th DG Festival Award Ceremony on December 23rd 2016

DG Awards 2016

2016 DG Awards News

Sample Results Update

19 October 2016.....LAST Update...

No more updates to come..

Voting will close any Day in November..

Final Results will be announced before December 15th

Total number of votes so far reached over 520,000 votes while there are almost 200,000 deleted votes due to fake e mails or duplicate IP address ....

NONE ACTIVATED VOTES TILL NOW ARE OVER 190,000 VOTES which will never be counted unless it is activated...

TV & Radio

DG Best Actor: 
Adel Emam, Mohamed Ramadan and Amr Youssef all over 10,000 votes, Taim Hassan, Youssef El Sherif and Eyad Nassar all over 9,000 votes...

DG Best Actress: 
Yousra 16432 votes, Ghada Adel 12687 votes, Mona Zaki 10690 votes, Ghada Abdel Razek, Nelli Karim and Amal Bouchoucha Above 9000 votes..

DG Best Youth Actor:
Mohamed Mamdouh, Ahmed Hatem, Amr Youssef, Mohamed Farrag, Ahmed Dawoud and Ahmed Saadani..... All have reached over 6500 votes..

DG Best Youth Actress:
Amina Khalil & Sohila Ben Lachhab, both have reached over 15000 votes, Hanan Al Khader, Dina Sherbini, Heba Magdi & Yasmine Sabry ..... All have reached over 9000 votes..


About DG Awards

DG Awards (The best of the year) is one of Egypt's best festivals solely dedicated for choosing the best of the year following voting system via the company web-site in addition to hard copies questionnaires and video voting. It is a marathon between companies and/or individuals.

From June till October of each year the voting take place in which people votes for their favourites all over the year. DG Awards was founded in 2004 with a great success from one year to the other. Read More

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